"As a Kindergarten teacher, I absolutely LOVE Wee Beasties especially during this time when spreading germs is much more of an issue than it has ever been before. I didn't think teaching handwashing could be so much fun. The song would be an amazing thing to teach students to sing while they wash their hands so they really do wash all the germies off."

- Debbie Bragg, Lead K/1 Teacher, Mulitcultural Academy

Wee Beasties is an adorable picture book bound to inspire my preschoolers to wash their hands. The author's peppy and engaging rhyming text, combined with the bright and vibrant illustrations, and a creative song, lead to a fun reading and singing experience. Wee Beasties will definitely be part of my beginning of the year rotation when establishing classroom routines. I can't wait for my preschoolers to experience Wee Beasties!”

— Kelly Gross, Preschool Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

As a medical professional, I can attest to the importance of handwashing as an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep people healthy. As a mother, I know how challenging it can be to get kiddos to form excellent habits. This book and song are great tools for parents and teachers to make handwashing meaningful for children. The book takes a hilarious look at germs and how they need to be washed away. It will help build quality hand hygiene skills that will last! This book is an entertaining and informative must-read book for children that makes handwashing fun.”

— Colleen Fracisco, MSN, RN, CAPA


Balloon is a giggle-inducing story and song that my students are sure to love. The rhyming lyrics and vivid illustrations will totally engage them with every turning page. Balloon will soon be a favorite in my classroom for read aloud time.”

— Kelly Gross, Preschool Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

"Balloon is a book that young children will absolutely adore. My favorite part of the book is that it is a great way to discuss car safety with younger readers. Students can merely look at the pictures to see that the little boy in the story isn't making safe choices, and that makes for a great introduction to making wise choices in the car. The song is an awesome bonus. It's catchy and will help students make a real-world connection when they're riding in the car. "

- Debbie Bragg, Lead K/1 Teacher, Multicultural Academy


My preschoolers’ favorite time to sing is while reading books. We love our collection of singable books! Bonnie McBower is the perfect addition to our classroom collection. Singing and following along with the words is a great way to build language skills and learn new words. Bonnie McBower is a must with all the rhyming words and colorful illustrations.”

— Kelly Gross, Preschool Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District


"I loved reading Brushing. It is a humorous take on dental hygiene that opens discussion to a variety of topics including hobbies and being kind. This book would be an excellent read during a classroom focus on dental hygiene. I especially appreciated the practical parental advice for helping their kids take care of their teeth."

- Debbie Bragg, Lead K/1 Teacher, Multicultural Academy


"Smelly Feet is one of my favorite Knight Brother books that I have read. It made the topic of making sure you wash your feet humorous. I love the combination of humor and practicality that I find on all the Knight Brothers' books."

- Debbie Bragg, Lead K/1 Teacher, Multicultural Academy