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Handwashing to Beat the WEE BEASTiES

The Knight Bros. - a comedic duo

Shel Silverstein Meets the Sherman Brothers

The Knight Bros. is a collaboration of brothers, Bradford and Dr. David Knight, who write clever and witty poetry coupled with their catchy melodic songs and illustrated cartoon drawings, intended to deliver kids positive messages with good humor that is sure to have the whole family laughing.  

Wee Beasties illustrated book is the first book to be released from The Knight Bros. and is releasing November 2020. 

"Wee Beastie" is a medical and scientific term used for microscopic germs. The intent of this book and accompanying song is to teach children, primarily age 4 - 8, the importance of handwashing and precisely how to do it most effectively.  Instilling these good hygiene habits at an early age is important, especially in an age of Covid-19. Adding humor helps the kids remember & enjoy it.

Reviews from Professionals for WEE BEASTiES

As a medical professional, I can attest to the importance of washing hands to stave off germs. As a mother, I know how challenging it can be to get kids to form excellent habits. This book and song are great tools for parents and teachers to use to get kids to wash their hands and learn quality hygiene skills that are particularly important now. And it's fun! The kids will have fun reading it aloud and singing along. ”

— Nurse Colleen Fracisco, MSN, RN, CAPA

Wee Beasties is an adorable picture book bound to inspire my preschoolers to wash their hands. The author’s peppy and engaging rhyming text, combined with the bright and vibrant illustrations, and a creative song, lead to a fun reading and singing experience. Wee Beasties will definitely be part of my beginning of the year rotation when establishing classroom routines. I can’t wait for my preschoolers to experience Wee Beasties!”

— Kelly Gross, Preschool Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

As a Kindergarten teacher, I absolutely LOVE Wee Beasties especially during this time when spreading germs is much more of an issue than it has ever been before. I didn't think teaching handwashing could be so much fun. The song would be an amazing thing to teach students to sing while they wash their hands so they really do wash all the germies off.”

— Debbi Bragg, Lead K/1 Teacher, Multicultural Academy

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The Knight Bros.

The Knight Bros.

Animated Music Video Brings the Book to Life

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